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The BIG 4-0! 

So its widely said that life begins at 40! The 40th birthday is the entry into the so called ‘middle age’ era.

Now the achievement and sense of pride that one should feel when celebrating their 40th birthday is under estimated. But you have made it through the last four decades of life and this is the time when you start enjoying life and start reaping your hard earned efforts.

So why not enter the next 10 years with a bang! Have a theme party. Celebrating in 70's - 80's style with retro decor, fluorescent  colours and outrageous hair do's.

If sophistication is more your thing, why not a James Bond, a God Father or Fifty Shades of Grey themed party. 

It is great fun to plan a surprise birthday party for a 40 year old. You can keep a theme called ‘reminiscences’. You can make a presentation of all the happy moments and achievements that are important in the life of that person whose birthday party is being planned. Include pictures of previous birthday parties especially the childhood birthday parties and the 18th and the 21st birthday pictures. Make a collage of all the greeting cards and birthday messages that the person has received so far.

No matter how you want to celebrate your 40th birthday party Pepixel will have a 40th birthday invitation to suite your theme.

40th birthday invitations
40th Birthday Invitations
Get your party started right with invitations that
inspire a night to remember.