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How it works

So you've your planning an event, but you don't want to spend too much money on fancy stationery, that people are going to eventually throw out.

The beauty about Pepixel's Digital Printable Files is its a high quality JPEG/PDF file ready for you to do what ever you choose. 

You have the option to print it, email it and/or Text it or order a Facebook banner

You choose how to invite your guests!

Once you decide what design you want, (yeah its hard to choose, I know, they all look so cool!)  Follow our fast and easy ordering process.

A FAST and EASY process...

  1. Tell us your event details 
    (Fill out the required information and...)

  2. Proceed to checkout. (make sure to sign up and get your discount coupon code.)

  3. Receive 3 FREE stages of editing
    (Our designers will receive your order, they will personalise your invitation or card with your event details and send you a proof/revisions to you via the email.

  4. Approval – Your final order will be emailed to you
    Once you have 'accepted'  we will send you, your Digital Printable File and any other extras you have chosen via email.)

  5. Download it and then Print it, Text it or Email it
    (You download your file by saving the files to your computer, USB or other device.)

  6. Get Excited & start contacting your guests!


To Print or Not to Print.

 If you choose to print; you have a variety of options,
1. You can print it at home,
2. Print it at your local photo centre - as you would a digital photo,
3. You can print it at a local professional printer or copy centre or
4. There are some cool online printers out there you can choose from.

All you do is save it on to your USB/ Thumb Drive/ Memory Stick and take it down to get it printed. 

So what we are trying to say is that, You have full control on what you want to do with your digital printable file... (its pretty cool here at Pepixel.)

You choose what method is best for you, (with in the time frame you have or don't have

It's that convenient

 Please Note!
What can be changed on our designs
All text can be changed to suit your event.
(If you require design changes please contact us)