Photo Guidelines

Here are a few guidelines to help you choose the best photo

To help us ensure that Pepixel get the best quality of output for your photos, please follow the below guidelines when submitting your photo. Currently we support photos that are 5 MB or less in jpeg format.

Always send the original photo from your digital camera, shot in high resolution.

When choosing your photos please note the orientation of the sample photo(s) on the invitation.  e.g: If the sample photo is in a vertical or a horizontal direction please choose photo accordingly.

Avoid choosing photos with clattered backgrounds or with several people in it. Instead make your focus point the person who is celebrating the occasion.

It is advised not to crop the photo or adjust the image on your own, please note that you have the option to have a professional designer enhance your photos. If you need a background removed please choose the option before check out.  Our designers here at Pepixel are professionally trained and can do the best job of editing and enhancing your photo when you choose the correct options.

If you choose the print it yourself option, for best results we recommend printing the invitations at your local digital photo processing center.